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Polynesia Spa Ritual

Escape, Relaxation

Timing 1 hour 15 minutes


For the space of a ritual, escape to the paradise islands of the Pacific and discover the inestimable riches of Polynesia from one stopover to the next: Exceptional wild atolls with idyllic landscapes, age-old rituals, protected marine fauna. You are filled with a feeling of relaxation and escape.

  • Lagoon Water Bath - Stopover in Manihi, the Lagoon island
  • Exotic Island Body Scrub - Stopover in Taha'a, the Vanilla island
  • Mahana Massage - Stopover in Bora Bora, the White Sand island

(Between 90 and 120 minutes)

For whom?

For all those who are stressed and in need of a break from the everyday


•  Sensory getaway
• Pure relaxation
• Beautifully enhanced skin